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Friday, 9 March 2012

An engagement to remember!

My boyfriend and I have been together for nearly 7 years now, we have a lovely house and two crazy cats and are very happy! 
I have hoped for many years that I may be trapped by a piece of white gold on my finger, but it just never happened. In Feb we headed to New York for a trip- no other reason but just a holiday... people ask whether I suspected an engagement but when people ask I reply 'I always hope he will, but he never does...'
Anyway, keeping this short and sweet as I know some may not want to read this although I'm sorry for making you suffer- On Valentines this year he proposed... it was amazing... a beautiful steak dinner, up to the Top of the Rock in New York and then overlooking the PINK Empire State Building he 'popped the question' 
Through all of the tears I said 'Yes' of course... who could resist a perfect and amazing proposal!!
After all of this we had to celebrate- and we did this as any other newly engaged couple would... we got in the lift, travelled down the 60 or so storeys... and then ran straight to.... THE MAGNOLIA BAKERY!! Sex and the City's finest! I had the most wonderful cup of tea with one of their amazing Chocolate Cupcakes and the Hubby-to-be had a vanilla cupcake. 
I find it hard to compare cupcakes, what with Lola's cupcakes (mmmm), Hummingbird Bakery (mmmm) Primrose Bakery (mmmm) and now Johnnys cupcakes in Watford (mmmm) It is impossible to compare as they're all amazing in their own special way!! Magnolia Cupcakes were way up the list... I have a joint first on my list currently with Hummingbird and Lola and I would put Magnolia as a 2nd place, but with a plus next to it for special circumstances!!
I have to say my holiday to New York was amazing both life changing and shopping wise: an engagement, Nicki Minaj MAC lipstick released before UK, a Betsey Johnson cosmetics case (I forgot how good she is), Mark Jacobs sunnies, a Nine West purse  and also a lovely Guess handbag, but one of the top things that I am thankful to New York for is the amazing end to the best night of my life- a chocolatey cake from heaven! What a way to start an engagement!!! xx

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  1. Sounds a perfect trip. Congratulations. Your blog looks great xx