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Monday, 22 October 2012

My October so far...

I was a little shocked when I realised that it had been 7 months since I last blogged and it was only because I was teaching my class about how to create a blog that I realised how long it had been!!

I thought because of this I would get back in to the swing of things by telling you some of the exiting things that have happened to me this month- this will lead up to many more posts I am sure.

Honeymoon Planning
Just thought Id drop this one in as October is the month with a year to go! James and I have booked our honeymoon and I can't wait!! Not only is the wedding just 10 months away, but this time next year James and I will be getting so excited to go on our honeymoon to Vegas and NY and I honestly am sooooo excited! It truly will be the best honeymoon ever! Shopping, shows, cocktails, shopping.... what more could a girl ask for!!?!?!?

Claireabella Obsessed!
October also signifies the pre-anniversary of when I can FINALLY use my prize from the truly AMAZING Claireabella. I was so fortunate to be chosen by her beautiful daughter to win an Original Claireabella (my second) and I struggled to think of a worthy prize bag. But then it hit me, I decided that I would choose something that I could look forward to using when married and I am sure you will agree it is BLOOMIN' AMAZING!! It's just a shame that I have to wait a year to use it... not sure if you can see but the bag 'I'm' holding has Vegas and NY on it and I am also holding a Tiffany and Co. bag too.... Truly beautiful and fantastic- Just a shame it is a year until I can use it, Claire has truly outdone herself again!

October 1st 2012
Probably the best day of the year (not including the proposal)! Today was the day that I became an Auntie!! James' sister Lianne gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, Jake, and he really is the most truly gorgeous thing I have ever seen. His little fingers, beautiful face, gorgeous locks and locks of hair, not only make me broody... but make me just want to cuddle him so much!!

He is already the most spoilt little boy in the world... imagine what it's going to be like for him at Christmas!!

Cirque Du Soleil- Immortal Michael Jackson

Now, I was very apprehensive about going to see this as Cirque Du Soleil is something I have wanted to experience for a long time, and as James and I have said about going when on honeymoon I was really interested to have a look at the touring Michael Jackson show at the O2.
I have to be honest... I was sitting through the first half a little disappointed by the lack of 'Cirque', I was impressed when some routines were shown but they were few and far between... my friend and I even contemplated leaving at the interval but decided against it as the tickets were so expensive so we decided to hang on!
And aren't we glad we did!? The second half was amazing in comparison- full of 'Cirque' and the smiles on our faces made it clear how impressed we were! The movements were fantastic, clear and astounding... I loved it and would definitely go and see another Cirque Du Soleil- in fact 'O' in Vegas is the next on my hit list (see I keep dropping this honeymoon in).

Idina Menzel
Now, my month just keeps getting better and better! Saturday of this momentous weekend of Cirque Du Soleil, was accompanied by my most favourite person ever, and her name is Idina Menzel!
Idina is a Broadway star from NY who has been in films, Glee... and in my CD player non stop for ages now! I was so sad when I heard that she was coming over to London last October because I hadn't realised and was worried there would be no tickets left- luckily for me James is so lovely he said he would come with me, and I couldnt believe it- we got tickets. Now Idina has the most amazing voice and was a treat to watch!!
When I heard she was over here again, I didn't need to be asked twice (and neither did James as he said he'd come with me again). We went to see her and I was just amazed! Idina, being the first ever Elphaba in Wicked, sang some of her favourite show tunes and some new material (which was amazing!) I had the most amazing night, this lady gives me shivers and I have been so fortunate to have been able to see her twice now and can't wait for the third! A truly spectacular night... and weekend!

Wedding Dress Fitting
Finally (apart from half term- thats pretty exciting and just around the corner) the most amazing part of my month. My wedding dress has been delivered- now obviously I can't post pictures on here (no matter how much I want to) but this dress has got to be the most beautiful and magical dress in the world! It pulls me in soooooo much and it makes me feel beautiful- absolutely magic! I cannot wait to share with you the pictures but until next August you will have to wait- instead here is a pic of the most beautiful flowers and colours that will be complimenting my amazing dress! I cannot wait!!

Well there you go, I am looking forward to getting back in to this blogging, especially with the excitement of Christmas just around the corner. I have many more exciting things coming up and also just the pleasure of Christmas Shopping and List Writing too.

I hope everyone is well! Thanks for reading
Mrs Mc-To-Be

Saturday, 10 March 2012

A Goodie Bag of Treats

I love getting post- I dunno about you, but there is something very special about opening a package, especially one with a handwritten envelope... and this week I received the package of packages.
As stated in my earlier post I am a huge fan of Miss L Sutcliffe, a blogger who I came across on Twitter and as she also is a huge MAC fan we decided to do a trade... However I came out the better in this trade. I thought that I would share with you the amazing delights that I received in my amazing handwritten package, and thank you so much again, Laura!
As you can see, I have been extremely lucky!! And am so very looking forward to trying these out especially the Lauren's Way Lashes- I love her tanning products so am obviously very excited to try these out!!
The MUA Crackle nail varnish is beautiful, but I wanted to try it as an all over shade (Secretly I didn't read the label, slathered it on and then wondered why it was patchy) Anyway, as an all over shade and a crackly shade I love it and it's great. The colour is so vibrant and girly, I currently love looking at my nails.
I know I am a very lucky lady but just wanted to say a big public Thank You for a truly amazing gift!

Friday, 9 March 2012

Irregular Choice?? I dunno about that, they're amazing!

Yes, I have a problem with shopping, and no, Im not ashamed about it, not in the slightest...
I decided to go on an impromptu shopping trip after work yesterday, no expectations, just me, my closest friend and two hungry tummies (don't worry these were sorted out after a trip to the Marks and Spencer food department) 
We decided to pop into the friendliest store in the world Schuh (has anyone else experienced their friendliness? I wonder if they work on commission). I headed to the back of the shop- I knew exactly what I was waiting for... the most amazing shoes were ahead of me... Irregular Choice.
These shoes are beautiful: both bright and individual... I'm in love. I have a wish list of shoes... these are at the top
However, these had to be bumped down when I saw these beauties...
In my head I'm thinking, 'These would be the most beautiful wedding shoes' So I thought 'Why not?' I tried them on, they fit like a glove... then I thought 'These would be the most amazing shoes- full stop!!'. My card left my wallet independently and they became mine! Irregular Chhoice truly are the most beautiful and  quirky shoes- I love them! Take a look. I'd love to know what you think? And if you own any too?

An engagement to remember!

My boyfriend and I have been together for nearly 7 years now, we have a lovely house and two crazy cats and are very happy! 
I have hoped for many years that I may be trapped by a piece of white gold on my finger, but it just never happened. In Feb we headed to New York for a trip- no other reason but just a holiday... people ask whether I suspected an engagement but when people ask I reply 'I always hope he will, but he never does...'
Anyway, keeping this short and sweet as I know some may not want to read this although I'm sorry for making you suffer- On Valentines this year he proposed... it was amazing... a beautiful steak dinner, up to the Top of the Rock in New York and then overlooking the PINK Empire State Building he 'popped the question' 
Through all of the tears I said 'Yes' of course... who could resist a perfect and amazing proposal!!
After all of this we had to celebrate- and we did this as any other newly engaged couple would... we got in the lift, travelled down the 60 or so storeys... and then ran straight to.... THE MAGNOLIA BAKERY!! Sex and the City's finest! I had the most wonderful cup of tea with one of their amazing Chocolate Cupcakes and the Hubby-to-be had a vanilla cupcake. 
I find it hard to compare cupcakes, what with Lola's cupcakes (mmmm), Hummingbird Bakery (mmmm) Primrose Bakery (mmmm) and now Johnnys cupcakes in Watford (mmmm) It is impossible to compare as they're all amazing in their own special way!! Magnolia Cupcakes were way up the list... I have a joint first on my list currently with Hummingbird and Lola and I would put Magnolia as a 2nd place, but with a plus next to it for special circumstances!!
I have to say my holiday to New York was amazing both life changing and shopping wise: an engagement, Nicki Minaj MAC lipstick released before UK, a Betsey Johnson cosmetics case (I forgot how good she is), Mark Jacobs sunnies, a Nine West purse  and also a lovely Guess handbag, but one of the top things that I am thankful to New York for is the amazing end to the best night of my life- a chocolatey cake from heaven! What a way to start an engagement!!! xx

Post one... please forgive me for rubbishness!

Hi there!
As you can see from all over my blog my name is Abi and I'm a teacher with a shopping problem- I'll admit it, I'm never satisfied... always needing a shopping hit... always something new to buy and never enough time or money to do so. I have recently found so many fantastic blogs that I have followed, read and now been inspired by, especially a certain Miss Sutcliffe- take a read she is fantastic!
I am by no means a trend setter but love to follow others leads. My blog is mainly going to be the funny elements of being a teacher, shopping related, cake related or even wedding related. Please don't get bored with the weddingness of some of the posts, there will be a few but many will be shopping related... apart from the first which I shall share next, but if you're a romantic like me, you'll love a read... it's for the Mills and Boons fan in all of us...
...Anyway I'll stop my rambling. I love constructive criticism so feel free to share, I'm a novice at all of this but love a new challenge... enjoy
(Happy weekend) xxx